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Weihaiwei Hotel
Weihaiwei Hotel 49 USD

Weihai International Business Building
Weihai International Business Building 36 USD

Guangming Garden Hotel, Weihai
Guangming Garden Hotel, Weihai 43 USD

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Welcome to Weihai!
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Weihai is as a modernized the industrial city, the guesthouse lodgings aspect also is very convenient. Has each kind of hotels several dozens, it may be said the scale is complete, the tourist can because of seek lodging for the night in no way but has the worry...

Travel guide of Weihai

The top of Chengshan: Other name "the ends of the earth", are located the Longxu island township of Rongcheng city of Weihai, because of is situated at the east of Rongcheng t to acquire fame. Becomes the mountain top three surrounding seases...

Weihai Overview

Weihai is located the east of Shandong Peninsula, the north latitude is 36 ?41 ' - 37 ?35 ', east longitude is 121 ?11 ' - 122 ?42 '. North, south and east three borders face to Yellow Sea, the north against with Liaodong Peninsula...

Weihai Cuisine

Weihai is one of Shandong cuisine places of origin, the history is glorious, by boils the system delicacies from the sea to be famous, specially the sea fresh fruits and vegetables, the small marine product manufacture has the characteristic...

Weihai Hotels List:
  ♦ Weihaiwei Hotel
  ♦ Weihai International Business Building
  ♦ Guangming Garden Hotel, Weihai
  ♦ White Swan Hotel
  ♦ Heqing Hotel, Weihai
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